Concept: 16 Weeks


Client’s Request:

Ultimately I am looking for a PDF document as the finished product. What I want is to create a piece of marketing material juice someone a perspective of what the participant would experience by going through our diabetes program. I will send you an outline so that you can see what the “avatar” experience would look like.

This will be something that someone could look at and get a good sense of what we do in two minutes or so.


Geoff DePaula,

Designer’s Approach:

I started the concept with the background, something easy to the eye and more dynamic than the rest of the elements in the overall design. The main style had to be “flat” therefore I kept the footer very simple and clean. Used flat icons to represent each point in the program. Used arrows facing in the same direction to demonstrate progress. My overall aim was to create a piece of marketing material easy to the eye, super friendly and straight to the point in less than 2 minutes.

Skills / Notes:

The elements were created in adobe illustrator to ensure maximum resolution and industry standard compliance.

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