Concept: Attracted to Money



Client’s Request:

Starting a clothing brand, really gonna be Epic, your gonna part of something big. This clothing line will be amongst the Gucci, Prada, Tru Religion etc..and it will start with you. So looking forward to seeing amazing creativity. Will target urban high end audience. Will be mainly selling online.

The logo will read AtM. .attracted to money. .the “t” and “m” will be in Egyptian letters, pic will be enclosed. I wanted to incorporate dollars signs or money bags in the logo. This will be a clothing brand so it has to be universally attractive. Thanks you again and I’m very excited to see you creativity at work.

Designer’s Approach:

Using adobe Illustrator conceptualized the logo and delivered the product to the client. Designed the logo vertically to fully take advantage of the labels and tags attached to the clothing. Rendered the artwork using a gold shading with some highlights to give that feeling of luxurious and hi-end.

Skills / Notes:

The logo was created in adobe illustrator to ensure maximum resolution and industry standard compliance.

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