CBD Lean : Case Study

Experience CBD:

I have been working with Alex Solano for several years now. I use his expertise usually for design services but also programming for our website. Alex has done so much to help my company. He always has good ideas and great personal opinions which have helped shape my brand. My brand is Experience CBD (www.experiencecbd.com), this brand started out as just a small project and turned into a big business. A big reason for our success is because of our graphic design. We have very eye catching and appealing product labels, magazine ads, signage, etc. Every time we go to a trade show to showcase our products we get amazing reviews on our designs as well as the look and feel of our brand. All of this was created by Alex and I would HIGHLY recommend anybody that needs graphic design work to go with Alex Solano and his team. The work is always exceptional, he is patient, very artistic, tech savvy, and one who thinks outside the box. He does not just give me what I ask for, he goes above and beyond and gives me a finished product that is always better than I expected. I am so thankful to have found Alex and am continuing to work with him for all of my design and website programming needs.

– Leeron Galimidi




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