Indie Creative Military Veterans (ICMV)

Did you know that thousands of military veterans are suffering and unemployed due to the lack of resume translation and background incompatibility with their experience, specially in the creative community.
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Yet many of these veterans have the talent requires to perform in the creative arena. Indie Creative Military Veterans (ICMV) does not look at credentials but rather experience and raw talent. Below I explain the terms as seen from the ICMV point of view.

The word “indie” means:  Individuals or not belonging to or affiliated with any major agency or company.

The word “creative” means: Relating to or involving the imagination or original ideas, especially in the production of an artistic work.

The term “Military Veteran” means: person who has served in the armed forces.

This is the starting point for military veterans looking for jobs in the constantly growing entertainment industry and for individuals like you that want to make this possible. The campaign will gathers funds to create and hire creative military veterans in the areas of arts, multimedia and performance and offer them a possible opening in the ever growing entertainment and professional industry. The goal is to open a position once the financial goal has been reached and fill that position with a verified military veteran who poses the skills required to be granted the opened position. There will be no special placement opportunities. Meaning that no one will be able to BUY their way into the position by donating certain amount. That is completely unethical and will not have room in this campaign.

100% of all funds gathered will gear towards the program outcome.

The current goal breakdown as follows and opens 3 positions right away. Each time the limit break point is met a position will be released to hire a military veteran that you are helping get the experience needed to continue his/her future career in the industry.

– Entry Level Designer/Programmer
$13.00 Hour
$2,080 Month
$24,960 Year – Limit Break 3

– Intermediate Level Programmer/Designer
$14.00 Hour
$2,240 Month
$26,880 Year – Limit Break 2

– Senior Level Designer & Programmer
$15.00 Hour
$2,400 Month
$28,800 Year – Limit Break 1

Help us serve to the man and women who have given so much for our country. More to come as the goal is reached! Thank you for all your support.

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