How it works?

Feeling like your freelancer is hiding things from you?

Over and over again I hear the story on how a “freelancer” got paid up-front and then returned a poor product or perhaps didn’t even finished the product at all. I have developed a solid system that will ensure your time and money are always a priority and taken very seriously.

I’ve been designing since the Y2K, producing high quality graphics in the USA & world wide thanks to the power of the internet.

When it comes to graphic design, multimedia or web design, many companies simply want to finish the job quickly, take your money and move on. I, however, want to build your vision with a design that effectively tells your story and enhances both, your marketability and my portfolio.

The elements I design will work for you because I work harder to ensure the success in our business relationship. I create clean, professional designs for logos, web sites, business cards, brochures and simply anything related to graphics and multimedia design.

I will simplify and describe each step to better assist you in understanding the full process.


We talk

In person, on the phone or Skype, it doesn’t really matter. *I can be reached via chat, voice or video Skype at any time and will respond as soon as possible. We can also conduct our entire communications via text/email 24/7 and keep record in the forum.

Here I want to take some time to learn a bit about what it is that you’re looking for: your goals, aspirations, ideas, everything matters. I will let you know my thoughts so that we can ensure an understanding of the requested project.


We make a plan

After our initial discussion(s) about the different perspectives, I will take that information and plan out the project. That includes cost (if your project does not fall under my basic standard fees) time frames, and overall goals to make your project a success.

We agree

Using the several ways of communication, in this stage I make sure the both of us are protected by signing a digital contract redacted right here in the website. A small 25% fee is collected from the overall initial quote to get things started.


Concept Draft

At this time the process should take 24 to 72 hours to produce a professional concept of your idea, logo, website, app prototype or product mock-up. There are countless categories to mention them all, please just keep in mind that time is always attached to the design complexity.

Once the concept has been created, a low resolution version will be sent to you via the medium we have stablished to communicate. We will work together on the details and continue crafting on the elements until a final draft has been successfully approved.


Full render

After the final draft is approved, I take the time to further develop your project and cleanup the artwork according to the appropriate industry standards. I will create the final package that will contain all materials used in the project and any other deliverable stated in our contract.

Payment and Delivery

At this point your product will be delivered. In the case of graphic design you will receive a “.zip” file with all your graphics inside. In the case of web design for example, your website or web application will go live. No matter what the category our agreement is, the outcome is the same, after all files have been delivered the final invoice with the remaining 75% and any other fees acquire through the process, will be generated and delivered to you.

Recurrent clients and clients who pay within 3 days of receiving an invoice accumulate “Loyal Customer Points” granting you further discounts in our future business agenda.


After sales support

After sales support! A big misconception is that launching the project is the end. It really isn’t. After a project goes live I want to take a look at the results to ensure I have positioned you effectively. Any result will help with future updates and maintenance. After this step, the process essentially starts over. We’ll discuss future updates and ideas, make a plan, and continue the cycle.


* My Skype application is usually running 24 hours a day & 7 days a week. If you send me a message and I do not respond within 24 hours ensure that my Skype status doesn’t display a significant message. Other than that, please just be patient.